Ari is rough, self-occupied, jealous enthusist, and tends to not along with others easily. He has a hard trime trusting people, but once you get his trust, he is extremely, enternally, loyal. Ari is charasmatic at times and this helps soothe tensions.

Goal: protect family
Need: care
Date of Birth: 31112
Gender: male


Hair: white

Eyes: light blue

Ari is shorter than average height but has a wide, strong frame.


Enigma Dynamism: hydro

Specialty: ice
Style: mid-range


Parents: Mizu Kaito, Ummi Kaito

Siblings: Izo Kaito, Eit 'Kaito' Kaito

Hydra Stronghold: member

Fun FactsEdit

  • His favorite color is light blue.