Celia is a bubbly, charasmatic girl just like her mother. She is connected due to her and her mother's traveling. Celia is well educated, charming, and an excellent actor. She is quick to make friends due to being extremely friendly.

Goal: ?
Need: ?
Date of Birth: 31111
Gender: female


Hair: white blonde

Eyes: purple

Celia is taller than average height. She is white skinned with a tan.


Enigma Dynamism: calor, grav

Specialty: combination of light and grav fields
Style: mid/long-range


Parents: Ilona Octo, Maltro Hugo

Siblings: Luxius Hugo, Jeturn Hugo

Grands: Vinn Octo, Ursa Octo, ---Hugo, ---Hugo

Fun FactsEdit

  • Celia cannot stand bad smelling odors.
  • Her favorite color is fucshia.
  • She comes from the Octo Family Line.
  • She is a triplet.