Elva Wither is a compassionate girl. Her emotions frequently change to being an emotional wreck due to her treatment in Hydra Imprisoned.

Goal: exposure and elimination of corruption
Need: understanding, love
Date of Birth: 31113
Gender: female


Hair: dark brown- red earthy tint

Eyes: teal

Elva has a slender figure and is about average height.


Enigma Dynamism: hydro, vita

Specialty: water attacks, healing, plants
Style: mid-range


Parents: Miyuki Wither, Even Wither

Aunt: Eva Wither

Siblings: Milo Wither , Evlon Wither

Hydra Imprisoned: escapee

Hydra Stronghold: member

Fun FactsEdit

  • Elva's name is purposefully very similar to her Aunt's name: Eva Vento. Even Wither came up with it due to his fondness of his sister.