Eros grew up in Seair. His family is part of the Seair Rebels battling an unstable government. His father died failing to save his mother in a riot. Eros continues his family's role in the rebel group while raiseing his sister. Eros is a grumpy loner who excels in comabt due to his strength and versatility. His only weakness is his sister who reminds him of his mother. Eros' personality is calloused and rarely ever comes out.

Goal: family, rebels' victory with minimum casualties
Date of Birth: 31108
Gender: male


Hair: dark red

Eyes: gold


Enigma Dynamism: calor

Specialty: fire
Weapon: chain with blades
Style: close-range


Sibling: Fiametta Burnn

Seair Rebels: member

Fun FactsEdit