Fiametta is feisty girl. She has a short temper and has trouble controling her emotions... and powers. She enjoys stealing things and possesions of others for the fun, thrill, and attention. Fiametta was raised by her elder brother in Seair.

Goal: attention
Date of Birth: 31117
Gender: female


Hair: orange

Eyes: gold

Fia is tan and short. Her hair has many layers and is usually cut short.


Enigma Dynamism: calor

Specialty: theivery, fire
Weapon(s): chains and blades
Style: close/mid-range


Seair Rebels: member Sibling: Eros Burnn

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her nickname is little-flame or Fia for short.
  • She always wears a gold band that belonged to her late mother.