Harmony is silly, outgoing, playful, and good-natured. She may seem goofy and unserious but underneath her actions and words can be quit to-the-point and effective.

Goal: find herself
Need: purpose to believe in
Date of Birth: 31112
Gender: female


Hair: blue

Eyes: white/silver

Harmony is medium framed and short. Her nose is slightly pointed, medium length, and skinny. Her body is slightly toned and skinny. Harmony's ears are much larger than normal due to family genetics (power), she perfers to style her hair in a shortish spikey form, and her feet are quit large due to unknown reason.


Enigma Dynamism: phon

Specialty: creating noises, jumping, voice imitation
Style: long/mid-range
Weapon: voice


Parents: Echo Sonar, Symphony Sonar

Classmates: Celia Octo, Tycho Witt, Orlick Alto

Alabora Academy of Mercenaries: student

Fun FactsEdit

  • Harmony has a fear of mirrors and sometimes reflective surfaces.
  • Her friends call her 'Harm' (jokingly because she sometimes causes more harm than good).
  • As previously noted, her ears and feet are larger than normal.
  • Harmony's father died from a theivery attack.