Hydra Stronghold was founded by the uncaptured Hydra inhabitants (Sheilds Poe, Miizu Kaito, Thorin Reed, Filoria Archwood, Ari Kaito, Clover Swal). The main goal of the Hydra Stronghold was to survive as a family and resist Xavior's oppression. With the addition of new members brought about from the large scale escape from Xavior's X-Containment facility organized by Jeturn Hugo, the goals and motives have remained the same but with new additions.

-Before Escape from Xavior-

Leader: Mizu Kaito

Co-leader: Sheilds Poe

-After Escape from Xavior-

Leader: Mizu Kaito

Co-Leaders: Jeturn Hugo, Sheilds Poe

Members: Ari Kaito, Izo Kaito, Filoria Archwood, Elva Wither, Thorin Reed, Milo Vento

Activists: Whitlyn Love, Lotus Archwood, Taemin Love, Clover Swal