Ilona is a bubbly and charasmatic woman. She use to live in Xavior but after her divorce and losing custody of her children she moved around Aria. She attempted to kidnap her kids but was caught and is now a fugative. Ilona did, however, manage to take Celia Octo, her daughter, with her under special circumstances. Ilona Octo spends her free time with Celia, educating and training. Both her and Celia have ended up 'settling' in Alabora.

Goal: keep her remaining family safe
Need: family
Date of Birth: 31086
Gender: female


Hair: white blonde

Eyes: pink


Enigma Dynamism: calor

Specialty: light
Style: mid-range


Ex-Husband: Maltro Hugo

Children: Luxius Hugo, Jeturn Hugo, Celia Octo

Parents: Vinn Octo, Ursa Octo

Uncles and Aunts: Ilo Octo, Opal Octo

Fun FactsEdit

  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Ilona's name was influenced by her Uncle's name 'Ilo'.
  • Her children are triplets.