Jeturn is quiet, introverted, independant, and compassionate. He is dedicated and devoted to whatever cause he chooses to be in. In his spare time he muses on situations and life, experiments with his powers, and flys. He mostly keeps to himself.

Goal: exposure
Need: truth
Date of Birth: 31111
Gender: male


Eyes: purple

Hair: black

Jeturn is slightly taller than average height. His skin is white with a slight tan.


Enigma Dynamism: calor, grav

Specialty: levitating
Weapon: grate
Style: mid/close-range


Parents: Maltro Hugo, Ilona Octo

Siblings: Luxius Hugo, Celia Octo

Grands: Vinn Octo, Ursa Octo, ---Hugo, ----Hugo

X-Elites: ex-member

Hydra Stronghold: activist

Fun FactsEdit

  • Jeturn is frequently called 'Jet' to shorten his name.
  • He could levitate from an early age.
  • Jeturn and his siblings are triplets.
  • He comes from the Octo Family Line.