Lotus is a Hydra Imprisoned. Being 16 years-old, beautiful, and having worthwhile powers, she is a Reproductive Agent. Like many of the other girls and women in this system, she is abused and is forced to have intercourse. Due to this; Lotus has a fear of men. She is extremely shy, fragile, and depressed. Almost all hope in her is lost until Elva Wither offers an alternative.

Goal: exposure of corruption, care
Need: care, respect, love


Hair: pink

Eyes: green

Lotus has a pixie look to her. Her nose is slightly pointed and scrunched along with her chin. Her face is shallow and small.


Enigma Dynamism: vita


Sibling: Filoria Archwood

Cousin: Thorin Reed

Hydra Imprisoned: escapee

Hydra Stronghold: activist

Fun FactsEdit

  • Lotus' favorite color is rose-petal pink