Luxius is charasmatic, decieving, spontaneous, and outgoing. He is always trying to gain his father's respect, recognition, and love. He is constantly trying to be at peace with himself.
Goal: duty, admiration
Need: love
Date of Birth: 31111
Gender: male


Hair: white blonde

Eyes: purple

Luxius is taller than the average height. His skin is white with a slight tan.


Enigma Dynamism: calor, grav

Specialty: calor attacks
Weapon: grates
Style: mid/close-range


X-Elites: member

Parents: Maltro Hugo, Ilona Octo

Siblings: Jeturn Hugo, Celia Octo

Grands: Vinn Octo, Ursa Octo, ---Hugo, ---Hugo

Fun FactsEdit

  • Luxius is frequently called 'Lux' for short.
  • Luxius got his name because of how early he was able to conjure light.
  • Luxius and his siblings are triplets.
  • He comes from the Octo Family Line