The Octo Family Line use to be extremely influential in Octopial (now Xavior). The family still remains influential from a buisness stand point. The Octo Family Line use to be a small clan but has now dispersed, mostly to Palodin and Xavior. The triplets trait is extremely common in the line.

Known Direct LinesEdit

- Joet: Ilo Octo - Opal Octo - Vinn Octo

- Ilo: Poem, Jeston, Carma
Opal: none
Vinn: Ilona Octo - Cest Octo - Omar Octo
- Ilona: Luxius Hugo - Jeturn Hugo - Celia Octo
Omar: Io, Tria, Lucid
Cest: none
Poem: ---
Jeston: ---
Carma: ---