Orlick is quiet but very expressive.

Date of Birth: 31109
Gender: male


Hair: blonde

Eyes: grey

Orlick has a lofty and tall stature. He often hunches over to feel more involved in conversations. His father's experimentation on him resulted in some physical disabilities: fragile bones in areas, one eye randomly changing colors causing hard adjustment to light and seeing properly, right hand is slighty disordered (usually covered), and his skin is easy/or hard to penetrate in certain areas.


Enigma Dynamism: none

Specialty: technician, problem solving


Father: Owen Alto

Friends/Peers: Celia Octo, Harmony Sonar, Tycho Witt

Alabora Academy of Mercenaries: student

Fun FactsEdit

  • Orlick takes pride in his first self-created FLUKE; named Zia.
  • Orlick was born primarily as an experiment at first... a failed experiment to give him powers.
  • He was a failed experiment resulting in some physical disabilities. -see apperance-