Arc 1:Edit

  1. 14-15 year-old Jeturn Hugo is flying around the city after training. Introduces various teamates and people; Luxius Hugo, Jaggers, Hendrix Enki, Stella Astro, Veana Serene, Maltro Hugo
  2. Ponders and has daydreams/dreams of past; Ilona Octo, and his sibling(s) (doesnt know who Celia Octo is in his memory). Dad and mother argueing, Jeturn is told to go to bed. Mother comes later in night to say goodbye (3-4 years-old).
  3. Jeturn slides from a day dream to an actual dream. An unknown voice (Aurora) is talking to him and odd visions of places he's never seen show up (ie: prison hallway with girl).
  4. Wakes up. 'Off day'.Flies around/or small mission- gets severely hurt in shoulder/arm. teamates find him and alert Sark Astro. Passes out.
  5. Awakes in medical-like room with Milo Vento and another person healing him. Milo talks of his worries including his sister.
  6. Jeturn soon finds out the facility is made up mostly of Hydra people- being covered as 'insane Xavior citizens'. Sark knows Jet knows about this, but trusts him for Jeturn's father is unfathomably loyal.
  7. Jeturn continues going there daily for treatment and talks to Milo-discreatly.
  8. Jeturn ponders and decides the fact that there is even a Hydra Imprisoned is morally wrong. He plans to help them escape.
  9. Jeturn talks to Luxius about it, but Luxius disagrees and is strictly loyal to the X-Elites.
  10. Hydra-prison escape.
  11. Jeturn is unkknown about his involement on the escape but Luxius confronts him.
  12. Jeturn leaves with a small group of the escaped prisoners.

Arc 2:Edit

  1. Jeturn and small group of prisoners escape to Hydra: Elva Wither, Izo Kaito, Lotus Archwood-Milo Vento is dead.
  2. Hydra Stronghold attacks them, then finds out the small group is friendly.
  3. Topic is brought up how the Hydra Stronghold people survived and were not captured.
  4. Topic of why Hydra was even attacked and imprisoned- Palodin should have protected them.
  5. Hydra is no longer safe- the X-Elites know the first place they'd go would be Hydra.
  6. Hydra Stronghold, imprisoned, and Jeturn decide to move and confront Palodin to ensure anwser.
  7. In Palodin, the citizens answer 'animal attack'.
  8. Clover Swal goes off and finds a girl to play with Chicota Moderine. He talks to her and she is very confused to hear his side of the story. Chicota goes home to Leila Moderine. Leila reports suspicious people and the Palodin government is alerted.
  9. Group runs away from Palodin and Xavior now has a led to their whereabouts.

Arc 3:Edit

  1. Hydra Stronghold is in nearby forests to Palodin. Jeturn Hugo gets another dream.
  2. Jeturn is weary of 'dream girl' and does not listen to her.-Does not go to Alabora.
  3. X-Elites finds them and attacks. Group narrowly gets away but group is seperated.
  4. Jeturn, Mizu Kaito, Lotus Archwood, Filora Archwood, Ari Kaito =group 1------Sheilds Poe, Clover Swal, Thorin Reed, Izo Kaito, Elva Wither = group 2.
  5. Group 1 gets attacked by wild beasts -have levi.
  6. Group 2 has Veana Serene following them secretly.
  7. Group 1 searches in levi/ Jeturn searches on own- now flying beasts attack.
  8. Group 2 hear noises and goes away from them.
  9. Group 1 has some drama: Filora likes Jeturn, Jeturn thinks she is annoying, Ari likes Filora and he is angry.
  10. Group 2's tensions get high: Thorin is frustrated with Clover and Izo scolds Thorin.
  11. Veana reports back to X-Elites and they attack group 2.
  12. Sheilds sacrafices himself to save group 2.

Arc 4:Edit

  1. Group 2 morns loss of Shields. Izo assumes command and Thorin's frustration eases with Sheild's display of teamwork.
  2. Group 1 continues their search. Jet is getting dreams form the lady more frequently.
  3. Group 2: Elva is now getting dreams similar to Jeturn's. The lady is very confused and startled in Elva's dream. The group decides to stay put for as long as they can.
  4. Jeturn gets advice from the lady in his dreams where group 2 is. He risks it and goes to the place.
  5. Jeturn tells group 2 to stay put and bothe groups join up. Group 1 morns loss of Sheilds.
  6. Elva talks to Jeturn in private- talks about dreams. Jeturn realizes he isnt crazy and that the lady must be an actual person trying to contact them. Elva urges Jeturn to listen to the lady.
  7. Filora rants to Lotus how her 'love' is being 'uncooperative'. Lotus comments on how could she love someone? Lotus explains in little detail what happened to her in Hydra Imprisoned.
  8. Jeturn has a dream with the lady and decides to follow her directions.

Arc 5: To AlaboraEdit

  1. Jeturn assumes command of the directions despite criticism from Mizu. Elva helps convince others to trust Jeturn.
  2. Filora, Clover, and Lotus sew new(ish) outfits to pass the time. Mizu and Ari know how to control the levi and with Jeturn tries to teach Throin, Izo, and Elva.
  3. Night comes and Jet has the dream with the lady for the second night in a row (never happened before).
  4. Jeturn wakes up and writes down information for where to go and his new found info on the lady. He talks to Elva before they fly off about who the lady might be... all they can be certain is that her name is Aurora.
  5. The group comes across a small independent village. The villagers are friendly but very scared of being taken over.
  6. Jeturn and Mizu decide to teach a small group of the village some tactics. Izo and Elva join in the training.
  7. Filora and Lotus are off gathering food and trading. They meet an interesting person.
  8. Ari and Thorin try to make Clover a man.
  9. For their help, the group is given a small spare house to sleep for the night. They are welcomed to stay as long as they like as long as they help.
  10. Jeturn has a dream with Aurora. He questions her and learns more about her.