The X-Elites (short for Xavior-Elites) are one of

Xavior's eight-part government. They specialize in combat and are deployed for missions of their appropiate skill level.


The X-Elites are organized into five "ranks".


As in every part of Xavior's eight-part government, the X-Elites have one head: Sark Astron.

Rank 1'sEdit

A step down from 'head', they are second in command.

Serene, Serene, Enki, Maltro Hugo, Vera

Ranks 2'sEdit

Reici Serene, Luo Serene, Blaze

Rank 3'sEdit

Stella Astron, Hendrix Enki, Jaggers, Veana Serene, Luxius Hugo, Jeturn Hugo

Rank 4'sEdit

Audora, Eti 'Kaito' Kaito, Aavon, Tide Admin, Misty Panope, Cuu Serene, Rei Serene, Lilly Swal